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The Firm's practice of Probate law assists clients and families during the process of distributing one's estate. In assisting with the probate process, Evans and Davis attorneys apply not only legal expertise, but also a care for the family's needs during such an emotional time.

We guide our clients through the court process as well as services regarding matters outside of the court. We keep our clients involved from start to finish so that they are kept up to date throughout the process.

Our services include:

    1. Colleting all information of decedent's assets and estate
    2. Filing the necessary paperwork for start the probate process
    3. Attend all necessary court hearings
    4. Prepare and file all beneficiary designation forms for non-probate assets
    5. Assist with distributing assets to all lawful beneficiaries

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Each attorney at our Firm emphasizes one-on-one relationships, providing a strong foundation for achieving long-term success with each of our clients. For more information about Probate, please contact us.